DIY Spring Floral Arrangement

I think we can all agree that a fresh bunch of flowers brightens up any room at home. Every so often, I get asked for my tips on how I create my displays. I am no expert, but enjoy choosing and styling flowers to brighten up the house. In this post, I want to share some tips with you to create your own spring display.

I often visit Smithfield and buy my flowers from Joe, who owns and runs Joseph M. Duffy & Sons Ltd. His grandfather auctioned flowers in Smithfield in the early 1900’s, when flowers were grown on the large estates around Ireland and sold by auction in Smithfield. Three generations on, they still sell excellent quality flowers whilst offering great value and friendly, knowledgeable advice.

Fresh flowers purchased from Joe

Joe helped me select flowers for this arrangement and shared some tips and tricks to create the perfect DIY Spring floral display.

What you will need:

Flowers of choice –  have used the following:

Ecuador Rose Esperance

White Veronica

Solidago Yellow Springs


Irish Eucalyptus

Pink Wax Flower



Lukewarm Water

Small capful of bleach

  1. Select your flowers for your spring floral arrangement. I’ve outlined what I selected but feel free to mix it up with flowers that catch your eye.
  2. Create a mix of complementary colors and varieties or stick to one colour in various shades. Add greenery for texture and color.
  3. Select your vase based on the type of flowers you plan to use and the size and style of arrangement you want to create. I have used a mason style vase for this display. Charity shops are a great place to pick up vases, but this one was purchased from Not On The Highstreet.
  4. Remove any leaves that will sit below the water level of the vase and trim each stem at an angle.
  5. Add water and a small capful of bleach. This kills off any bacteria and keep the flowers fresh – you won’t have to change the water as often!
  6. I usually start by adding the focal flowers first, working in a circle and turning the vase as you go to make sure there are no gaps. I started this arrangement with three Roses (Ecuador Esperance)
  7. Build on the first flower selection with your soften flowers (white veronica and lisianthus)
  8. Then add your foliage to fill in the display. I have used some sprigs of Pink Wax Flower, Solidago Yellow Springs and Irish Eucalyptus.

I’ve added some images so you can recognise my flower choices, but aways go with colours you like. I wanted to create a wilder more relaxed display.

Solidago Yellow Springs
Solidago Yellow Springs
Pink Wax Flower
Pink Wax Flower
White Veronica
White Veronica
Irish Eucalyptus
Irish Eucalyptus
Rose - Ecuador Esperance
Rose – Ecuador Esperance
Final Display looking lovely in my kitchen
DIY Spring Display


All flowers were purchased from Joesph M.Duffy & Sons Ltd – thanks to Joe for being so helpful.

Hopefully this was useful and has given you confidence to create your own spring floral display.

Thanks for reading,

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