Have you Found your Perfect Match?

House hunting can be a stressful process. Hours are spent online, trawling through different property profiles, swiping through images of different rooms, looking past the dodgy decor, trying to imagine yourself drinking coffee in your dream kitchen. On a house hunt there are so many things to consider. Location, budget, renovations, distance to work. The list can appear endless. Like dating, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince. A property search is similar by comparison – you have to look at a lot of unsuitable houses before you find your Perfect Match!

I know in our case it felt that way. In the end we each had to make a list of our top five properties, write their names on small pieces of paper and rate them one to five, then compare our results. It was like the X-Factor chair challenge but only one house could take a seat. Even after that process we still couldn’t agree. We knew how much money we had to spend and we had a rough idea of location, but our search options online were restricted by property type, area and number of bedrooms. We wanted a renovation project but there was no search option for this at the time.

Thankfully this style of house hunt is changing and you can now narrow down your search to show you less frogs and more Princes! Perfect Property, Ireland’s innovative property search engine, has launched Perfect Match, a game-changing feature that will transform the traditional house-hunt.

Perfect Match truly is a game changer. It allows you to search multiple counties at once, refining your search to specifically suit your house hunting requirements and most importantly, properties within your budget.

Let’s say for example you wanted to convert an attic, renovate the entire property or even extend, you can now narrow down your search to only show properties where you can add potential. It is a smarter way to search, rather than trawling for hours through unsuitable options that might be within your budget but are not ticking all your boxes.

There is also an option for those who wish to find a house that is ready to move in. The search only matches you to properties with your specific search criteria too, making it quicker and easier to find the home of your dreams. First time buyer who just wants to move your stuff in and kick back and relax? Perfect Match has got you covered.

Most people now search on their mobile when hunting for a new home, so the results from Perfect Match are displayed on a mobile-friendly map, making the search even easier. You can zoom in to particular areas and see how many properties match your criteria in that specific area. Then you can add properties from the map to your favourites. Genius!

Back in 2016, when we were hunting for our perfect house, we actually ended up searching other parts of Dublin that were not on our original search list. This was because nothing suitable matched our budget in our preferred areas. It was only by accident I expanded the search and found a suitable renovation project. If Perfect Match was available to us, I honestly believe it would have opened up so many other property options that matched our criteria. Like many buyers now, we wanted something we could afford that met our property needs. The area wasn’t priority for us, once we were close to good transport links.

Save yourself hours of time and log try Perfect Match
Save yourself hours of time and log try Perfect Match

So for any of you who are on the hunt for your Perfect Property (and I know that many of you are) I would encourage you to log onto Perfect Property and start your search. You will find it easier and more efficient and no longer have to swipe past loads of unsuitable houses that don’t fit the bill.

Best of luck with your house hunt and if you have any questions or need any advice on surviving the property search, please get in touch. I am always happy to help!

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This post was a sponsored collaboration with Perfect Property but all views and words are my own.
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