Before Work Begins

This week the work on our 1890’s Victorian red brick has started…..

You have seen the exterior of the house, so I thought it was time to share with you all the interior. As you scroll through the photos, you may think to yourself “Oh that doesn’t look too bad” or “sure there isn’t a huge amount of work to do there” but believe me, it looks worse in real life. Much worse.

The walls are completely damp, the kitchen extension is like something one of the three little pigs built and could easily be blown down with a moderately strong wind.

The tiles are laid on gravel, the windows have bars on them at the back, garden level is higher than the back rooms of the house, the floor is rotten upstairs, the wiring is dangerous, the heating doesn’t work, the windows are in bits and they might as well have grease-proof paper in them instead of glass for all the heat they will keep in. The bedrooms below are damp, cold and basically rotten!

The “lounge” is not somewhere I would want to stay for very long. It makes me wonder how this house was rented before we purchased it. The previous tenants must have been constantly frozen!!

But that’s my rant over now.. for the moment. On the plus side, the light in the front of the house is unbelievable. The huge bay window in the front sitting room lets in so much light. The house is not overlooked from other houses across the road, we are situated right at the top of road looking right down onto rows of little red brick houses with Croke Park (very large stadium for those of you not familiar with the area) in the background.

The ceiling height in the hall and front room is almost 12 ft. Huge. Unfortunately all the period features that were in the house are long gone. Probably removed in the 60’s and 70’s when it was cool not to have them. The house is so deceptive from the outside. So many of our friends and family have come to see the house and have been shocked at the size of the house from the inside.

We are also not overlooked from the back of the house too, which is a great plus. And the house has so much potential. We actually viewed the house next-door on one of our many Saturday morning viewing trips. I really do not miss those Saturdays. I look forward to the Saturday that involves a brunch and a cocktail and a ramble around the shops. I really do not miss spending all week enquiring about viewings, mapping out our route, getting up early to cram as many viewings into the Saturday as possible, only to meet so many familiar faces house after house after house. The old toilet outside still remains – being honest it is probably in as good condition as the toilet inside 🙂

When we viewed this property, it didn’t immediately jump out at us, but there wasn’t much interest in it and on the second viewing, we saw so much potential in it and knew it was right. The location was ideal, the amount of work required was just about as much as we could or wanted to handle and it gave us a project we could get stuck into.

And here we are. About to get stuck in. I hope the photos can give you some idea what we have taken on. Thankfully we have a great builder (My Dad) and carpenter (My Brother) working with us, so we were confident about taking on something of this size. Otherwise I fear we may still spending our weekends working out how we view three different properties in a 10 mile radius of each other all in a 30 minute time frame!

Thanks for reading.


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